Benefits of Using USPS Certified Mail

Certified Mail is a service offered exclusively by the United States Postal Service. It refers to important, time-sensitive documents that requires having tracking or secure deliveries. Proof of mailing and record of delivery is provided by Certified Mail. This service is only available to the US and only priority or first-class mail are allowed to be sent as Certified Mail.

Anyone can use certified mail but most often, companies use it because of regulatory and business reasons, to enable proof of mailing, delivery security and as archived proof of delivery. Assurance and security is offered for sensitive documents with the usage of certified mail. Certified mail is treated much better than registered mail on mail handling and for their security from damage, loss, or theft. Click on this link to learn more .

USPS Certified Mail works by providing proof of mailing and return receipt. A certificate mail form is given to a sender which must be filled out. It has a perforated receipt that acts as a legally recognized proof of mailing. A tracking number is then given to each certified mail and has a signed delivery record. These are then collected and stored electronically for two years by USPS, which is one major benefit of certified mail. For an additional fee, a return receipt can be purchased by the sender. This is a hard copy that will show the receiver’s signature along with the date the mail arrived. A duplicate can be purchased if, initially, the sender did not purchase return receipt service. Electronic PDF files have begun to replace hard copies since they were easier to administer, was more cost effective to mail, and were much easier to store. The electronic format can also be emailed or shared directly. The copies of each Certiied Mail transaction, including electronic delivery confirmations and electronic return receipt PDF files are stored, with no additional charges, for 10 years. Check out this link to learn more

Certified Mail has benefits namely tracking, archival records, P.O. Boxes, and allows a sense of urgency of the mail. When the receivers of Certified Mail physically sign while accepting, it makes them put more concern and importance to the mail being delivered. Also, it makes the certified mail less like to be treated as junk mail and makes it more of an official document. USPS scans records of the dates and times the mail was sent which keeps the sender more informed of its tracking. Certified mail can also be sent to a P.O. box, which after signing, can then be given to bestowed to the receiver. Records are also archived for better documentation in timely order. Find more info here :


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